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Who we are and what we represent.


To support our mission, it is our intention first to raise awareness and plight of the children of Palestine.  With that goal in mind The Hope Foundation of Palestine was created.  In that spirit we intend on seeking support from individuals and grants.

Our Goals

  • to fight poverty and increase educational opportunities, including by

  • reduce the poverty level among families with children,

  • helping educate those with potential who cannot afford the cost of education and

  • helping create an environment where there are two incomes in poor households.

  • to further other charitable purposes to be determined by the Board.

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Meet the Board

 The Hope Foundation of Palestine is comprised of four individuals who came together with one goal, to aid the families of the poor and to educate children of Palestine. 

Each of our Board volunteers ALL their time and experience to obtain this goal.


  • Dr. AbdelNaser J. Al-Hasan,  Chief Executive Officer,  A 30 year Professor of Mathematics whom is dedicated to education and knowledge;

  • Kimberly D. Parris, Certified Internal Auditor, Treasurer who has 30 years in Accounting, Finances and Auditing.

  • Melinda R. Al-Hasan, MBA, Secretary, a 35 year career in Finances, Accounting and IT; and

  • Dana Browne, Member, Real Estate Executive with over 30 years experience in the USA. Dana Browne joined the team because of her strong passion for clean water for all.

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