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Solar Panels for Families with ill loved ones

A solar panel at the top of the roof will save lives. Having access to electricity for less than 4 hours a day is putting many the love ones who are being taking care of at home at a very high risk.

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The Project

Project Summary: The Hope Foundation of Palestine is partnering with organizations on the ground in the Gaza Strip to provides Solar Panels to provide a continuous electricity to families with terminally ill family member whose life depends on electricity for survival.  

Challenge: 100% of Gazans has access to electricity for less than four hours per day. Such shortage of electricity availability is putting the lives of family members who terminally and depend on electricity to keep loved ones alive at a serious risk.

Solution: There is no quick solution to this crisis, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Hope Foundation of Palestine is working with organizations and private companies with excellent track record. Cost is the issue. A solar panel that provides electricity to a household is at a cost of $1500. This solution will help many families with family members whose lives depend on the availability of electricity to care for loved ones at home.

Long-Term Impact:

There are many benefits to renewable energy.

  1. Less dependency on Israel for electricity.

  2. Less dependency on the availability of fossil fuel to supply electricity which is again less dependency on Israel. 

  3. Help poor and needy families with terminally ill loved ones to care for them at home.

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