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Why the Hope Foundation of Palestine

At the Hope Foundation of Palestine, we believe that poverty is a world-wide crisis, but it is unique in Palestine due to other added factors such as occupation, political and historical factors, and corruption.

Education is the only tool to lift poor and needy families out of poverty.

  • Educating the poor and needy is a vehicle to lift the whole family out of poverty and not just the individual.

  • Educating the poor and needy will ease the hardship imposed on the Palestinian people by the occupation.

  • Educating the poor and needy will reduce corruption and reduce economical inequalities.

  • Educating the poor and needy is an investment to the whole community and will promote economical growth.


To achieve its mission, the Hope Foundation of Palestine created a roadmap for success.

Open Educational Centers in villages and Refugee Camps, one village at a time and one refugee camp at a time. Regardless of who you are or what is your family economic situation, there is a local place to help you succeed FREE of charge.

Open Vocational centers in areas of highest impact to retrain the unemployed. 

Target the needs of the local community and create graduates to fulfill such a need.

Promote the idea of “ Giving back and paying it forward”. 

Promote “Empathy” as part of giving.

Ensure that all children in Palestine have access to basic needs at home and at school.

Lastly, the long-term goals and objectives of the Hope Foundation of Palestine needs to be governed by a higher authority. God willing, the foundation will ensure that every dollar it receives will go to the above goals. Trust is critical. The Hope Foundation of Palestine would like to earn your trust and partner with you to achieve its goals and objectives.

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