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Help the Poor, Needy, and the Underprivileged

Poverty is in the West Bank and Gaza is increasing at an alarming rate. The World Bank estimates that poverty level in the West Bank is 28-30% and Gaza 64-69%. At the same time, the economy is shrinking by 7-11%.

Support the poor and needy in the West Bank and Gaza of Palestine. Such support will immediately aid the children of the West Bank and Gaza of Palestine.

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The Project

Project Summary: The Hope Foundation of Palestine will offer essential life savings assistance to poor and needy families in the West Bank and Gaza. This assistance to include, no-questions asked cash, nutritional food packages, help with medical expenses, help with the cost of rent, help with electric bills, help provide natural gas for cooking and heating, help with school costs and supplied at the beginning of each school year, and finally help provide warm jackets and boots for winter for their children.

Challenge: There are many vulnerable families with children in the West Bank and Gaza, Covid truly proved who is vulnerable and how they are vulnerable. Crisis in Gaza increased the number of vulnerable families. Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza continues to identify more and more vulnerable families, those with children.  Unemployment in Gaza is extremely high and similarly in the West Bank. This means many poor and needy families with children are at constant threat of not able to support their families. Governmental help is very minimal which adds to the difficulty of supporting one's family.

Solution: There is no easy solution to poverty. It is even harder when other political factors are part of the problem. The Hope Foundation of Palestine does identify empathy as part of the solution. With, the foundation will try to give HOPE to those who otherwise are forgotten. Villagers and refugees know each other very well and are able to identify those in need, hence identifying the poor and needy will not be difficult. The foundation will:

  1. Give cash to poor and needy families with children with no questions asked.

  2. Provide nutritional food assistance at a certain month of the year but always during the month of Ramadan.

  3. Help those in need with rent, electricity, and the cost of natural gas for cooking.

  4. Help those in need with medical cost for their children.

  5. Have two campaigns per year for the children of the poor and needy:

    • August, provide school children with a school bag and supplies.

    • August, identify and pay school tuition for children of poor and needy families.

    • October, provide poor and needy school children with winter boots and winter jackets.


Long-Term Impact:

Help poor, needy, underprivileged, and forgotten families with children live their lives in dignity.

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Donation pic 2.jpg
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