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Dr. AbdelNaser Al-Hasan

Message from the Founder and CEO

Dear Potential Donor,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahamat Allah wa Barakatuh

         I am appealing to you to consider donating to the Hope Foundation of Palestine because your personal generosity and compassion are urgently needed in villages and refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza.

        I am asking you to reach out and help strong, resilient families in the West Bank and Gaza continue to make it through what may be the darkest days of their lives as the occupation of Israel entered its 56th year of terrorizing the West Bank and Gaza. Since 2006 until today, Gazans witnessed Israeli modernized weapons slaughtering their children, women, and the elderly. Since then, they have been living in an open-air prison due to the blockade from both Israel and Egypt.


      Our foundation was created in 2020 to provide the tools necessary to help the poor, needy, underprivileged, and the forgotten to live a dignified and honorable life and to have access to education like everyone else.  Our main goal is to improve education in Palestine at all levels, from kindergarten to college. Yes, we do not have many projects completed yet in the West Bank and Gaza but with your generous donation we will get closer to complete projects that will have a lasting impact on the lives of many Palestinians.


      Just imagine washing your hands and face daily with salty water because that is the only water available at your school. Just imagine that you might be forced to drink such water daily because it is the only water available to you. Just imagine your child drinking water that is unfit for human consumption daily. This is not a theoretical story but a reality in many schools and homes of Gaza.


      Just imagine having safe and clean drinking water available to your child in his/her school daily. I am positive you will help with installing a purification and desalination unit so that clean and safe drinking water will be available to your child and those who are less fortunate.


       Just imagine having a child who is academically talented and you know that he/she will excel at the university level, yet you know that your family cannot afford the tutoring sessions to prepare your child for the state exam (12th grade Tawjeeheh) or the cost of any university. Just imaging your child who is in 10th grade telling you that he/she is no longer wanting to continue high school and wants to drop out of school and go to work in an Israeli settlement. You know and your child knows that higher education is out of reach for your family therefore he made such a decision, and you did not disagree with him. Just imagine having an educational center in your area supporting your children FREE of charge through their whole education. Just imagine having a foundation that will cover the cost of higher education for some of your children. Just imagine how your children will feel knowing that there is a FREE tutoring center and a potential college scholarship. Again, these are not theoretical stories but realities in Palestine.


       Just imagine waking up in the morning not knowing whether you will be working that day or not. Just imagine your tried to cross the border to the Israeli side to work and you got caught and sent to jail. This is a reality in Palestine. It is even worse in Gaza because the unemployment rate is more than 65%. Now, just imagine that there is a foundation that will provide you with a profitable project which will lift your family out of poverty. Just imagine having a foundation that will help you become an owner of a profitable business.


      Right now, your compassionate, thoughtful, and timely donation can provide funds to make all such imaginations above a reality. It will open educational centers in villages and refugee camps, it will give children of Gaza access to safe and clean drinking water, it will help employ the poor and needy so that they can buy food for their children, clean water for the whole family to drink, medicine to keep their family and older parents healthy and clothes to keep their family warm during winter, as well as pay rent to ensure privacy and comfort for their family.


       If you could see firsthand the impact your support will have, I know you would be inspired to donate immediately. I hope you won’t wait a moment longer before donating. By acting now, your love and caring will give a resilient family the help they need to make it through really challenging times.


      Your kind, compassionate donation today will make an incredible difference for Palestinian families. Please do not leave our website before making a generous donation you can afford.


     With your thoughtful, heartfelt decision to act, together we can empower the underprivileged in the West Bank and Gaza.


     Rest assured that 100% (less paypal fees which is 2.3%) of your donation will go directly to our projects, see our completed projects, Thank you and God Bless you. You can be very specific with you donation and we will honor your wishes. Rest assured that all donations will be spent in Palestine in accordance with the laws of the USA.


      To my Muslim brothers and sisters,  let your Zakat and Sadaqah be used as a vehicle to lift poor and needy families out of poverty, make it count.


Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessing be upon him, said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

It is our duty to extend a lifeline to those who are less fortunate, and to those who lost everything.


      Thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful kindness and generosity.                       


 With gratitude,

 Dr. AbdelNaser Al-Hasan, CEO

 The Hope Foundation of Palestine

Let us work together to support Palestine and the Underprivileged of the Palestinian people

We are always looking for new ideas to improve the lives of the Palestinian people. We are always looking for volunteers to help us reach and sustain our goals. Contact us.

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