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Educational and Vocational Centers

  • They offer free educational and vocational resources to everyone.

  • Educational and vocational Centers are safe refuges for the underserved populations.

  • They help boost local economies.

  • Educational and vocational Centers make communities healthier.

  • Trade school plans are on-going. 

Donate to educate the children of the West Bank and Gaza of Palestine. 

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The Project


Project Summary: The Hope Foundation of Palestine will open (pending funding) educational and vocational centers in villages and refugee camps one village at a time and one refugee camp a time. 


Provide support to all school children with their school work FREE of charge

Provide training for the unemployed or those interested in a new trade

Employment opportunities  

Challenge: More than 70% of the people in the West and Gaza are unable to hire private tutors for their children to help with their schoolwork. Similar statistics for students who drop out of school and do not get training for a specific career or a trade. It is even more dire situation during the last year of high school where every graduate must pass a state exam called Tawjeeheh to graduate from high school. Certain families will borrow money (about 5000 shikel ($1700)) to help hire a private tutor, the less fortunate are left behind and their children will drop out of school. 

Solution: We are in the process of identifying areas with the most impact. If space is available, then the cost is approximately $15,000 plus the salary of tutors (Cost of housing a vocational component to these centers is on-going)

If space is not available, the solution is more costly. Building an educational and Vocational center might go north of $50,000.


Annual salary of teachers for mathematics, physics, Arabic, and English. Minimum $12,000/yr. Instructors for the vocational component will be partially sustained by tuition from those who can afford it. 

Long-Term Impact:

Having an educational and vocational center in a community will:

  1. Supporting youth development efforts that prevent students (ages 15 to 25) from dropping out of school and assist in the re-entry of dropouts or their pursuit of an alternate course to economic self-sufficiency.

  2. Give students and their parents a safe and nurturing place to help with their schoolwork FREE, which in turn will reduce drop-out rate at all grades, in particular high school.

  3. Provide employment opportunities to tutors from poor families. Having a wife become a tutor will bring a second income to that family and hence reduce poverty.

  4. Give poor and needy families hope that help is available FREE of charge. This in turns will encourage those who might otherwise struggle in a certain subject to study and seek help.

  5. Have a place to bridge between the community and the educational system.

  6. Have a place where the community can use for further outreach programs such as

    • Help prepare students with interest in studying abroad to prepare for TOEFL, how to fill an application for a university outside of Palestine, and the financial costs.

    • Help the community at large by hosting other educational lectures to improve the quality of life of the community and their livelihood.

  7. Have a place to train students for future career in the trade industry.

  8. Create a bridge between the community and the local industry.

  9. Have a place to be available to the whole community for any other function that relates to education or livelihood.

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