Millions of Gazans are displaced and starving. Millions of Palestinians in the west bank are unemployed. This is the darkest times ever of the occupied Palestinian people. 


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Every dollar will make a difference. Find it in your heart to donate and tell your circle of family and friends to donate if they can. Your donation will be used only to help the starving population.
The children our are future.

God Bless

Our mission continues to help the poor and needy, the underprivileged, the forgotten,  and in particular, families with children and the disadvantaged Elderly. Help us continue provide the minimum support so that they can live a dignified life to the disadvantaged of the West Bank and Gaza in these dark times. Donate directly through our website or visit our campaigns on GlobalGiving

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"As Long as there is an Occupation, there will always be suffering in the West Bank and Gaza."

School children are suffering the most from such an aggression. We need to provide safe places where children can learn without the constant threat of settlers and soldiers blocking their access to schools.

No school child should be subjected to such threats daily. School children need to focus on their education and work towards a future based on purpose rather than fear.

The Hope Foundation of Palestine is committed to help communities provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. Your support is needed. 

“Unless Palestinians in the Strip get access to the outside world, it is difficult to see anything but underdevelopment being the fate of the Gaza Palestinian society,” said  Richard Kozul-Wright, director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies at UNCTAD. “It is really shocking that in the 21st century, two million people can be left in that kind of condition.”

‘Hate crime’ attacks by Israeli settlers and soldiers on Palestinians spiked in the West Bank and it continues to rise.